How Much Should You Pay Attention to Hotel Reviews

Many people read reviews of hotels before booking one. They enjoy reading about other people’s experiences because it gives them an idea of what their stay might be like. The only problem is that sometimes these reviews aren’t good predictors of a person’s stay. They may be biased because of individual differences in what people believe is a good or bad hotel. Before discounting one because of a bad review, consider the following.

Mistakes Happen

People working in hotels are not perfect. Sometimes, mistakes are made. Some people are forgiving of those mistakes, and others want to hang on to them as long as possible. When you read a hotel review that criticizes the staff, consider whether it was just a person having a bad day or if it’s indicative of the way the hotel is run.

Renovations Occur

Since the Internet has been around for many years, some of the reviews are dated as far as 10 years ago. In the last decade, many hotels have been renovated. Make sure to notice the date of when the person wrote about how decrepit the building was because it may not look that way now.

Managers Change

If a hotel has a reputation of providing bad service, managers are usually let go. New management can turn the service around, but the reputation takes time to rebuild. When you read about someone’s stay, consider how long ago it was written and check in to see if there has been a change in management.

There Are More Negative Reviews

People are more likely to have something negative to say than positive. Keep this in mind if you start to see many negative reviews for a few hotels. There may be many positive factors, but no one has taken the time to write about them.

With so many hotels to choose from on, don’t pay too much attention to reviews. They are good to consider, but in the end, make your own decision based on researching the hotel’s accommodations.


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Enjoy the Fresh Mountain Air of Beaver Creek

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